FotoPlayer Lite Software  FotoPlayer Lite version license costs only US$39!
  What do you get?
  • All the trial version texts/license links will be removed.
  • The copyright screen shown during preloading will be removed .
  • FotoPlayer custom links when you right click inside FLASH will be removed.
  • FotoPlayer copyright window + the 'About' icon will not be displayed when viewed online.
  • Free version upgrades.
  • You can later upgrade it to Pro version for an additional price of US$50
  • License can be used in any of the FotoPlayer plug-ins (Jalbum/Lightroom/Picasa/Flickr)

FotoPlayer Pro Software   FotoPlayer Pro version license costs only US$89!

Start selling your photos online now using FotoPlayer Pro! Designed with highly customizable features and its already integrated with your photo album. So, no additional effort for you to integrate scripts like other shopping carts!

Single page easy navigation will give your viewers a clear advantage over HTML based shoppingcarts where the users have to navigate to different pages to complete the checkout . Click here to see a market research report by Forrester claiming FLASH based shoppingcart boosts sales by 50%!

  What do you get?
In addition to Lite version features, includes,
  • Highly customizable and advanced Shopping Cart (Email Order, PayPal, Google CheckOut, Order fulfillment for downloadable items, multiple Shipping and Discount modes, Packages sales...)
  • Powerful album search feature on image tags, description, metadata, highest rated & recently commented (can handle album with unlimited images!)
  • Virtual Galleries
  • Tree Menu navigation
  • Integrated 5 Star Rating
  • E-Card

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Domain Name:
1. Please provide actual domain where album will be uploaded. If your website is and redirecting to where you're running FotoPlayer, then you need to provide for registration. If still in doubt, download this file, extract urlcheck.swf and upload to your website and view from browser. Provide the domain displayed in this page for registration.

2. If you're publishing the album on shared or free hosting domains, enter the URL which is specific to your user name.

3. If you would like to purchase license for more than one domain, please contact by email.

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  License Agreement / Terms

  • Your license will be limited, non sub-licensable and non-transferable
  • You may not redistribute or resale or grant the license to any other person
  • You may not use the software to publish any third party content that infringes their intellectual rights
  • Unauthorised use of all/any part of the software/graphics usage is prohibited
  • The Software is provided "AS IS" and without any warranty. For any loss occurred by using this software, the seller will not be held responsible
  • You assume all risk with the software installation/configuration and there are no warranties of quality/performance/fitness for any particular purpose
  • You'll be responsible for the fotoplayer & pre-requisite software installations and you may not expect training/maintenance
  • Software source code will not be available upon purchase
  • You agree to allow the display of 'Photo album powered by FotoPlayer' and the licensed user name in the copyright notice when you click the copyright icon (only when used offline. window will not be displayed on the web)
  • Your licensed version will be tied to your website name and won't work outside this domain. (You can publish unlimited albums under any subdomains (, ...) or subfolders.)
  • You may not claim refund/return once the registration key/full version software are sent. You can claim refund if you contact me before the registration key is sent.