Full features demo

Description: Fits to the browser window size. Try resizing the browser window. Most of the PRO features enabled in this demo. Shoppingcart (with all different checkouts), Shuttefly for print service, Force download, E-Card, Rating, Tree menu, guestbook and slide reflection effect.

Vertical thumbs demo

Description: Album with Vertical Thumbs. Other features enabled: Smooth image fade, randomized thumbs order for each view and displaying image caption above the slide. Original image download (click download icon) is password protected. Use password as 'enterpass' or 'somepassword'.

HTML Version demo

Description: HTML Version album for Search Engine compatibility and for Mobile Device viewers. Designed using pure HTML & CSS with no javascript for full compatibility. FotoPlayer automatically detects mobile devices like iPhone, iPad, WebOS, Windows and Android based phones/tablets and optmizes the album content for faster loading! This is critical as mobile devices are bandwidth sensitive and with small form factor.

This Demo showcases the optional feature to optimize the thumb page with only images and no other texts.

FotoPlayer Site Creator demo

Description: Not just album but you can create your entire site using FotoPlayer new feature 'Site Creator'! Site configuration is done through interface and it comes with lots of readymade site templates. Creating a site with album can never be easier than this. It also allows to use custom site header and customize the features and color to create your site theme.

Full screen demo

Description: Runs in browser fullscreen mode.

Features customized and using readymade album theme

Description: Features enabled: Auto Slideshow, photo dropshadow, Gallery menu docked, SnapGalaxy print service, Shoppingcart with emailorder checkout only. Slide reflection feature is disabled. Album built using Darkwood theme.

Features customized and using readymade album theme

Description: Description window docked, description window header texts disabled, exif & iptc disabled, Album set to start with 'Nature' subfolder, Digibug print service enabled, uses icon for gallery menu and shoppingcart instead of text buttons. When you add items to the cart, cart icon changes. Uses BlueGray readymade theme.

Simple album

Description: Album as simple as it can get. FotoPlayer features are customizable and can be turned off. All features are disabled in this demo to create a simple album. In the licensed version, you'll be able to disable the gallery menu as well as the copyright icon.

Number mode thumbs demo

Description: Album with Number mode thumbnails for sleek gallery presentation. Available only in PRO mode.

Album with no thumbnails

Description: Designed to look simple. Thumbnails disabled in this demo. FotoPlayer size is customizable. You can set a fixed width and height or in percentage. this demo uses fixed width and height.
You can create external links to open FotoPlayer with a specific folder (Try the menu links above the album).

External menu navigation demo

Description: Using external navigation menus to link to different galleries in FotoPlayer. You can also link to tag search or exif/iptc metadata search directly (Virtual galleries). Scroll down the let menu frame for the install instructions in this demo.

Album with flash transparency

Description: Album with flash transparency. You can set the FotoPlayer with transparent background and even customize the transparency percentage.

Password protected album

Description: You can password protect the entire album. Login with username as 'user' and password as 'password'. You can enable the feature to email notify when someone login.

FotoPlayer Google Maps album demo

Description: FotoPlayer Google Maps album demo. Images with GPS tags from the entire album can be mapped in a single Google Map page.

FotoPlayer RSS Feeder

Description: RSS Feeder to keep your friends and family up-to-date with your photos. Most of the browsers has got built-in feed readers that can automatically convert the feed to HTML. RSS Auto Discovery enabled when you select RSS feed feature. FotoPlayer RSS feed is built dynamic. You can build RSS feed for the entire album ,list only recent images, feed for each folder or even feed to list images with specific tags!
Example: Feed for images with tag 'Animals'

Shoppingcart Sample HTML/PDF Order files

Description: Shoppingcart sample Order file in HTML format. Order file can also be generated in PDF format with images embedded! Click here to view order file in PDF format.

Iframe based intro album

Description: You may wish to present a slideshow with your favourites on your website before entering the album (no thumbails, buttons, folder menus...) This demo uses iframe to embed the album iframeindex.html. The iframe height is adjusted to not to show the control bar.

Rotating Slideshow header

Description: Not just for the main album but you can also use FotoPlayer to build simple rotating slideshows just like the site header used in this demo

FotoPlayer HTML version

Description: FotoPlayer HTML version for search engine indexing and to provide alternate content if the viewer doesn't have Flash or JavaScript. Uses FotoPlayer RSS feed and RSS2HTML script to dynamically generate the album.

FotoPlayer themes preview

Description: FotoPlayer readymade site and album templates.
Themes Demo

FotoPlayer HTML version

Link to a specific folder or an image or create virtual galleries
Description: One of the unique feature in FotoPlayer is the ability to have external link to a specific folder or an image inside the album. You can also create external link that'll create a virtual gallery based on a keyword search in the entire album!

1. Link to a specific folder:

2. Link to a specific image:

3. Virtual Gallery 1:Images tagged with keyword 'nature'
4. Virtual Gallery 2:Images with keyword 'Travel' in the EXIP/IPTC metadata
5. Virtual Gallery 3:Images with keyword 'fotoplayer' in the Description
6. Virtual Gallery 4:Images with keyword 'Animals' in the Title

* All the above demos were created with different settings in the JAlbum->FotoPlayer Skin setting tab. You'll be able to easily customize the features/look and feel of the album yourself.