FotoPlayer is a flash based web photo album software for sharing your photos online. FotoPlayer incorporates a lot of highly customizable and advanced features (more than 200!) and helps you to publish your album with a smooth , feature rich and elegant presentation. Customize the FotoPlayer plugin features and build the album using Jalbum, Lightroom, Picasa or Flickr plugin. Plugin will create the required files for the web album presentation. All you need is to just upload the generated album contents to the web! It's that simple! FotoPlayer will take care of creating the dynamic menus, preloading the thumbnails and main photos,playing background music,image navigations and a lot of other nice user interface!

FotoPlayer is designed to be flexible for amateurs to make a simple album to share with friends & families as well as for pro photographers to sell their photos, create portfolios and for client proof albums.

  Key features:

Image navigation using icons (customizable color and transparency). Optional navigation on image click and keyboard.

Slideshow mode with option for viewer to customize the slideshow delay.

Unlimited Galleries

Supports unlimited galleries and photos within the album. Includes two different gallery navigation menus.
Show Details

Show image description, image metdata (EXIF/IPTC), Image tags and Image title. Show folder description.

Auto resize album and slide to viewer screen resolution. Auto scales slide image without losing quality.
Image Transition

Includes different smooth image transition effects.

Multilingual support

Supports UTF-8 encoded characters. You can change the texts to any language.

Multi-Format Files

Not just for image. You can publish any file format. Built-in FLV and SWF video players and Text File Viewer.

Download full size image for the slide. Password protected downloaded to allow only restricted users to download the originals.
Shopping Cart

Advanced cart system with Paypal, Google Checkout, Email Order, Offline Order and Credit Card checkouts.

Album search on unlimited files for recent photos, image tags, IPTC/EXIF metadata, description, file name and title.
MP3 Player

Background music with different play modes. Use unlimited tracks and even set custom music for each folder within the album.

Moderated guestbook for entire album/each image. Guestbook admin system to review & manage. Email notifies for new comment.
Star Rating

Let the viewers to rate the image using 5 Star rating system.

Password Protect

Password protect entire album or a specific folder within the album. Option to email notify when someone login.
RSS Feeder

Feed for entire album or for a specific folder or for recent images. Create feed with only images matching keywords.
Image Tagging

Tag images using IPTC keywords metadata. Tags are displayed in the album and viewer can search the album for tags.
Print Services

Let viewers to print images using Shutterfly, SnapGalaxy or Digibug Print services.

Google Analytics

Track album page hits, Slide image hits and other individual feature hits using Google Analytics.


Let the viewers to share the image with their family & friends.

HTML Version

HTML version to make album SEO compatible. Enables viewer to see photos even if not having flash plugin or Javascript.
Virtual Galleries

Dynamic virtual galleries to show recent images, images matching keywords in tags, comments & metadata.

Includes ready-made color themes. You can also customize the album interface color settings to create your own themes.
Easy to install

XML/Flash/PHP based software. No database used and no additional software required on the server.

Check Demo and see for yourself!

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